How Vancouver Companies Scan your Resume

How Vancouver Companies Scan your Resume

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In a job market that is getting more and more competitive all the time, it has become more and more important to create a resume for yourself that stands out from others. This is definitely true when it comes to in-person interviews and job applications. You want to make a resume that stands out to an employer as well as you do, but what about an automated resume scanner? As more companies turn to automated tools to help them manage and screen their numerous resumes and applications, the onus is now on the job seeker to find a way to continue to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, there are many ways you can make your resume feature as prominently in the eyes of a machine as it does in the eyes of a person.

The best way to learn how to tailor your resume to make it ready for automated screening is to first understand how an automated screening system functions. This screening system is often referred to as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and it makes the hiring process a great deal more efficient for companies and their recruitment teams. This system basically breaks your resume down to its core information, without factoring in any of your stylistic choices or formatting. Once the information is extracted, it is sorted into categories that the employer deems relevant. Things like Education, Experience and Skills are all sorted, and an employer is only shown resumes that feature keywords which refer to specific things the employer is looking for. Your resume is ranked based on how relevant it is to the employer’s desired terms along with a level of education and years of experience.

For employers in Vancouver, the ATS is a useful tool that makes the hiring process go a lot smoother and faster. Over the past decade, these systems have become more common among all types of companies, so knowing how to tailor your resume according to this system is definitely advisable. For the job seeker, this means you’ll need to do a little extra work to get noticed by an employer. To help you create the ideal resume for an Applicant Tracking System, you should consider making the following changes or additions to your resume:

Simplify Format

While a well-designed resume is more likely to catch a human’s eye, an Applicant Tracking System really doesn’t factor formatting into its search. In fact, the more ornate and complex the format of your resume is, the harder it will be for a resume parsing program to extract the information it is looking for. You will likely receive low rankings for your resume as a result, making it harder for your resume to get noticed by prospective employers. This means your should really focus on simplifying the content and appearance of your resume. Avoid using graphics or unnecessary categorization of the information your resume presents and stick to the basics. Things like your location and specific job titles and years of service should be prominently featured. You should also make sure to use a single standard font such as Times New Roman or Verdana throughout the entire page.

Specify Your Resume

As we discussed earlier, employers will input specific keywords they are looking for in reference to the skills and experience of prospective employees. With this in mind, applicants should look to tweak their resume in a few subtle, but effective ways. Using exact words found in the original job posting when describing your skill and experience is a great way to get noticed by the ATS. You can achieve an even higher rating if you use those keywords in relevant, well-written phrases and paragraphs. There are free online resources you can take advantage of before you apply to test how well your modified resume will rank for a certain job such as

As the job market continues to be competitive in cities like Vancouver, and more people are on the hunt for work everyday, it is important to try and stay ahead of the pack when it comes to job applications. For more helpful tips like these, or to get started on finding your next job, be sure to contact us at Best Personnel today!

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