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Should You Use an Employment Agency to Find a Job in Vancouver

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Looking for a job is a job in itself. Consider the hours spent searching online for postings, filling out countless pages of repetitive online applications, interviewing, networking, and smiling at hiring managers through the stress. And then there’s the waiting. So much waiting! So why, in Vancouver, where the number of annual retirements is on the rise, is it so time-consuming and difficult to find a job?

Let us find a job for you. Sounds luxurious, doesn’t it? From tailoring your resume, to interview coaching and finding that great opportunity, Best Personnel will ensure you are empowered to succeed. Because we have the inside scoop with local Vancouver companies, one interview with one of our qualified staffing consultants can take the place of multiple interviews with local companies. And because we’re out there pounding the pavement on your behalf, we know about jobs before they’re even posted! Our staff seek to stay in touch with local Vancouver Recruiters to ensure your name is at the top of the pile. So, stop applying to those countless, fruitless online ads, and trust us to deliver our best, so you can deliver yours.

Did you know a Corporate Recruiter may only spend 5-7 seconds scanning a resume before “swiping left”? It’s true! Choose a tiny serif font for your resume and you’re down to four seconds … if you’re lucky. Bogged down by countless applications, company recruiters can’t spend the quality time getting to know about you – but we can, and we do! Best Personnel seeks to understand you and your employment goals so we can match you with the right employer for the best chance of success. Because let’s face it, your success is our success!

In Vancouver’s competitive labour market, companies are turning to staffing agencies more and more to keep up with urgent demands. When they need a quick turnaround and can’t afford to spend the time posting the job, interviewing, and checking your references, they count on us to do that for them. Nowadays, many companies opt to start front line hires as temporary or contract to allow flexibility should market demands change. But it’s obvious many use the time to evaluate potential permanent hires! Yet, even if a temp placement doesn’t lead to a permanent offer, it comes with lots of benefits: a pay cheque, workforce experience (don’t forget to add it to your resume!), and the potential of a great reference for your next job. And don’t forget, Best Personnel will be at the helm when you’re ready to look for the next great opportunity.

Ultimately, the market is rough and career searches are daunting. Job postings are being filled before they’re even closed, sometimes before they’re even posted. More and more Vancouverites are retiring, but jobs don’t seem to be within reach. The B.C. unemployment rate is expected to be the lowest in Canada in 2019 – which sounds great but can also mean that labour costs will increase and companies may pull in the drawstrings again. So, if you’ve never considered a staffing agency before, this may be the time to start.

Best Personnel has earned an excellent reputation by providing quality staffing services to the Vancouver area, based on ethical principles and the development of quality personnel. To find out how we can help you on your job hunt, be sure to contact us directly to get started!

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