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Top 10 Online Tools to Create the Perfect Resume in Vancouver

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The job market in Vancouver has changed quite a bit over the past decade. Technology, new product demands and higher education standards all contribute to alterations in the job market, but some things haven’t changed. No matter how new your employer may be, a well written and attractive resume is always going to give you a leg up in the job market. The key is finding the right tools to enhance your resume. Not everyone is a professional writer, let alone a graphic design or font expert. Fortunately there are tons of useful online resources that will help you create a resume that reflects a high level of professionalism in their tone and design. Vancouver-based employment agency Best Personnel picked the best tools for you. To find out about some of the top online tools, be sure to check out our list below.


One of the easiest resume builders available online is KickResume. In four steps, you can create a fantastic resume that can be shared digitally or printed from a .PDF. KickResume is ideal when you need to get a new, updated resume sent to employers in a timely fashion. You can choose from several ready-to-use templates and upload your information from LinkedIn if you have an account. You can also manually input any other info relevant to the specific job you’re after, and make changes to your resume at any time.

Like KickResume, allows you to upload your resume info directly from your LinkedIn account. It then puts a unique visual twist on the traditional resume format, and provides you with a visual timeline of your job history and accomplishments. You can also choose up to 4 unique points on your resume to highlight for prospective employers.

Google Docs

Job seekers can take advantage of the many resume templates Google Docs offers, along with helpful reviews attached to each template. With the reviews, you can get a better idea about how effective a certain template is from people who have prior experience. This is a great time saver compared to simply browsing hundreds of different templates at once.


American spelling notwithstanding, Flavors is a great resource for Vancouver job seekers as well! In addition to providing you with a free online resume you can easily share with employers, Flavors’ premium members get a custom URL and mobile site. This resource is ideal for job seekers who want to share portfolios in addition to their resumes.


This online tool is about as straightforward as online resume builders get. By simply inputting or uploading your data into the CV maker you will quickly be provided with a new resume. It takes less than a minute for this online tool to create a resume that suits your style and the preferences of your employer. Another bonus is the feature that lets you easily download your online CV into .PDF format.

For a more hands on approach to creating your resume, is the ideal choice. Unlike most of the resume building tools available online, gives you the tools to create your resume from scratch. Simply drag and drop design elements from their menu to turn your traditional resume into a visually appealing infographic. If you still prefer to work with templates, there are a number to choose from that can also be found on


This tool places a large emphasis on the need for quick customization of a resume depending on the applicant and the employers requirements. Like most resume tools, VisualCV will let you upload your data from LinkedIn or previous resume documents. Once the data is uploaded however, you aren’t limited to one resume and one template at a time. You can actually manage different versions of your CV which can be customized according to your prospective employer’s requirements and preferences. Premium members can also track the analytics of their resumes for $6/month.


Another great resource for creating visually driven resumes, Kinzaa provides you with some of the most unique designs available. Practically all of the resume templates from Kinzaa place a greater emphasis on design as opposed to written content in your resume, so be sure that style is appropriate for your application before proceeding.


As the world becomes more and more interconnected via the internet, it is a good idea for some job seekers to make their resumes as accessible as possible. This is easily accomplished with help from ConnectCV. You can keep your resume at your fingertips and make changes or updates at any time thanks to the mobile app. You can also take advantage of the tips and samples that are regularly updated that can help you beef up your own CV.

Resume Genius

This app places a much needed emphasis on the quality of writing in your resume. You can draw on help from professional writers who contribute phrases and words that are ideally suited to any type of resume. With options to upload your file as a .PDF or Word document, Resume Genius also makes it easy to share and edit your resume in multiple formats.

Ok, now we are sure you have your amazing resume ready and it is the best time to contact Best Personnel to help you with further steps.