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Tips to Succeed in A Vancouver Job Fair

Mary Dusault Tips

Job fairs in a major city like Vancouver are an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for a new career to find information and insight into how they can orient themselves on that career path. Many employers happily participate in job fairs because they know it is a good place to find motivated individuals who are seriously pursuing employment. As much as employers at a job fair want to present themselves as attractive and ideal places to work, it is important for prospective employees to present themselves as strong candidates for a position. The job market in Canada is on the rise again, but despite this growth, there is a lot of competition out there for job seekers. To help you stand out from the crowd, and possibly land a new job at the next Vancouver job fair, take a look at some helpful tips listed below.

Proper Etiquette

A good way to treat a job fair in Vancouver is to think of it as one big job interview. Although you may not have a specific appointment to meet with someone, you should conduct yourself as if anyone you come into contact with at the job fair is a person that is considering hiring you. Whether you are in fact talking to a prospective employer, or another job seeker, it is important to present yourself as polite, courteous and approachable.

Appropriate Attire and Presentation

At any job fair, your goal is to present yourself as someone who is serious about finding a job and performing to the best of your abilities. First impressions are a big part of selling that image to a prospective employer, which is why it is important to dress in proper attire and make sure you are well groomed for the job fair. Dress as if you are attending an actual job interview. You wouldn’t show up in jeans and a t-shirt for a regular interview, and you shouldn’t dress overly casual at a job fair either.

Practice Your Quick Pitch

Job fairs typically don’t last for more than a day or two. Even large fairs held in a major city like Vancouver don’t go on for very long, and it is important to recognize the fact that everyone’s time is important, especially potential employers. With that in mind, you should have a 30 to 60-second pitch prepared to explain who you are and what your career goals happen to be. This is sometimes referred to as an elevator speech because it shouldn’t last any longer than the time it takes to ride in an elevator. By being clear and concise about yourself, you will appear organized and confident to any employer at the job fair.

Research Prospective Employers

In today’s digital world, you will probably be informed about an upcoming Vancouver job fair electronically via email or social media. It also means that the job fair itself will likely have a website that features a great deal of info about the upcoming fair, such as when and where it is, and of course who will be there. Take time to familiarize yourself with the details about any company that you happen to be interested in working for. Learn any relevant names, and try and come up with some relevant questions that will provide you with information about the company. This will help you stand out as an engaged job seeker with serious ambitions to work at a certain company.

Look For Recruitment Agencies

Employers aren’t the only ones who attend job fairs. You may also find some Vancouver employment agencies and recruiters have set up shop at the job fair as well. In order to give yourself the best chance at finding employment at a job fair, be sure to take some time to submit your name with an employment agency. Companies like Best Personnel are always on the lookout for new candidates for a number of different employment opportunities. By working with a company like Best Personnel in Vancouver, you will definitely improve your chances of finding gainful employment at a job fair.

To find out more about how Best Personnel can help you find your next job in Vancouver, or for more helpful job seeking tips, be sure to contact us and visit our website today!