Tips for Landing Good Office Administrative Jobs in Vancouver (and Keeping Them)

Office administrator jobs are a great way to ignite an exciting career in Vancouver. In today’s job market, the term “administrative support” or “administrative assistant” can mean a lot of things.

A job posting in downtown Vancouver may be looking for professional reception services, but more often than not, general administrative support is a stepping stone to larger opportunities.

Whether you’re seeking an administrative position to get in with a good company in Vancouver or you want clean work for decent pay in Delta, Best Personnel in New West can assist in your search. Let us know the job type you’re interested in pursuing.

Office Jobs Are Worth It

One nice thing about administrative roles is that you often work hand-in-hand with the decision-makers in charge.

Making yourself indispensable to the top people is a smart way to achieve job security as an executive assistant. Becoming a boss or supervisor’s right hand for everything company related is a great way to learn.

Often, you’re not just answering phone calls; you’re in a position to become the de-facto office coordinator and go-to person for guidance. Whether ordering office equipment or providing general office management support, your efforts are always appreciated.

There are a lot of exciting companies around Vancouver in need of talented people who can handle business administrative duties efficiently.

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What You'll Require to Be a Successful Administrative Employee in Vancouver, BC

It’s one thing to land an interview or a job in Vancouver. It’s another thing entirely to thrive in your new full-time role.

Best Personnel in New Westminster is ready to connect you with companies in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, and elsewhere looking to hire immediately. We also help less experienced candidates by providing the necessary training.

Are you ready to start a relevant office administrative position in the Lower Mainland that will benefit your career?

It is expected that you are familiar with the Microsoft suite of products. Tech savviness is nice, but an eagerness to learn is even more important. Possessing excellent communication skills and a post-secondary education will only help.

But what’s going to make you truly stand out in the Vancouver workplace? Do you have what it takes to become an office manager? Don’t settle for anytime minimum pay. Best Personnel wants to see you thrive in your next administrative support role.

Here's a list of things that will help you in your Vancouver office career:

A Positive Attitude/Good Manners: You wouldn’t think we would have to tell people this, so consider it a good reminder.

A pleasing demeanour is always in demand. You don’t have to be outgoing to become well-liked; you just have to be agreeable. When it comes to work requests and assignments, always be the path of least resistance.

Creative Thinking: People like to list this as a skill, but not as many live up to the claim. Be prepared to offer suggestions, especially when asked. If you think there is a more efficient way to get things done, superiors appreciate respectful suggestions. When things go wrong at work (and they will), always be willing to improvise to accomplish your tasks.

Etiquette/Restraint: Gossiping is easy. It pays to keep any negative thoughts to yourself. Mindfulness of how your words will be perceived is a crucial skill many professionals lack.

Emotional Intelligence: A lot of what we’re talking about taps into the idea of having a high emotional IQ. Empathizing with others or being able to read a room will help in all aspects of your life. Like any skill, it can be improved by practising active listening, asking people for feedback, and working on how you present your negative emotions to those around you. Never underestimate the importance of being able to build meaningful relationships.

Prioritizing Ability: Employers love people who boast about being “multitaskers.” Realistically, you can only devote yourself to one task at a time; the real skill is making sure jobs are handled in the correct order of importance. Work on your note-taking skills and develop a system for creating daily to-do lists that work for you. Eliminating distractions will help in zeroing in on your most pressing responsibilities.

Working with Urgency: Whatever the task, try to complete it as soon as possible. Procrastination can quickly develop into lacklustre work routines, even in its most subtle forms.

Best Personnel Wants to Help

Our office in New Westminster specializes in finding office positions for job seekers throughout Vancouver, BC, and the Lower Mainland.

Whether you’re new to the Vancouver workforce or reentering the job market, we can help.

Best Personnel will provide you with the best options for your Vancouver job search. Contact us today to learn more.

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