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Tips for a Job Interview at a Recruitment Agency

Mary Dusault Tips

Working with a recruitment agency to find employment is one of the most effective methods of ensuring you not only get hired, but that you find a position that is ideally suited to your needs and skill set. I order to make this the case, it is important to practice good communication habits when preparing for a job interview with a recruitment specialist. In a large cosmopolitan city like Vancouver, there are numerous opportunities for employment. With help from the right Vancouver employment agency, job seekers can quickly find a position for which they are ideally suited, so long as they are able to convey the right information to the recruiter. This requires a bit of preparation on the part of the job seeker, particularly when it comes to knowing what information to share and what specific questions to ask during the interview. Below you’ll find a number of helpful tips for interviewing with an employment agency in Vancouver.

Treat the Interview Like a Specific Job Interview

This first tip pertains more to the way you present yourself to the staffing agency. Like any job interview, first impressions make a major impact. Even though the recruiter is not necessarily the one hiring you for a specific job, they are still evaluating the level of preparedness and professionalism you offer. This means you should act as if the interview with the recruiter is like any job interview. Come well dressed and on time, and be prepared with a few specific pieces of information regarding the type of employment you are after. This will show the recruiter that you are motivated and ready to start working right away.

Prepare Interview Answers

Even though employment agencies like Best Personnel place people in a number of different positions across a wide variety of industries in the Vancouver area, there are some standard questions we ask all job seekers. If you are able to prepare a concise answer to some of these standard questions, you will likely be able to find employment through our agency in a more timely manner. The types of standard questions we pose have to do with behavioural and situational subjects. In terms of behavioural questions, you will be required to describe a specific instance in a past job where you had to make a decision or find a solution to a unique problem. For situational questions, you will have to communicate an answer that demonstrates your familiarity an experience with something like a technical process in your chosen industry.

Up to Date Information

Beyond an up to date resume, cover letter and portfolio of past work (if necessary), it is important to be ready to provide a recruiter with necessary information regarding such items as past job applications and other agencies where you happen to be registered. This will go a long way towards streamlining the job placement process and will help the recruiter narrow down your potential job opportunities. Beyond this, it will demonstrate noteworthy attention to detail and willingness to take initiative on your part, which recruiters will convey to potential employers. This makes you look good in their eyes and helps put you in the running for positions for which you’ll be ideally suited.

Be Ready for Feedback

Once the fact-finding and informational part of the interview is over, you may receive some constructive feedback from your recruiter. This is a good opportunity to gain insight into what an employer is specifically looking for from you, and what measures you can take to fulfil those requirements. Recruiters at temp agencies like Best Personnel are experts when it comes to streamlining the interview process and isolating the key components of your experience and skills that will most interest employers. Providing relevant advice and job specific interview tips is just one of the many ways we ensure our applicants of a fast turnaround that results in the type of employment opportunities they’re looking for. Best Personnel will also make use of the vast amount of established relationships we have with employers all over Vancouver in order to put you in the best possible position to land the right job as soon as possible.

For more helpful tips on preparing for job interviews in and out of our Vancouver employment agency, feel free to contact the recruitment team at Best Personnel today.