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“I love working for best Personnel, their understanding, they gave me a second chance to prove to them that i can be a hard worker, their reasonable, always have work for you, they even help you to get some tickets buy paying for it, but take small amounts of the money out of your paycheque to pay the course off. So basically you paid for your courses, but they pay for it when the course starts so nobody will have to save up. Very respectful workers, i just wish the wage was a little higher, especially for the work we do. I would very much recommend this company, as I recommend my whole family.”
Sarah John

“They have lots of work and they are paying good wages.”
Dale Thompson

“Always have work for me and they can pay at end of day, great temp agency.”

“I worked for them tons of times . Regardless of my personal experience , I recommend them. they are nice, very flexible on payment and fastest way to get to work and have some money in your pocket.”
Hamid A.

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