Safety Policy

Best Personnel is committed to a health and safety program that eliminates, where possible, or controls situations that could cause injury to our staff, the public and property.

Our Responsibilities

Best Personnel is committed to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

Our Supervisors are required to endorse our safety policies at all times and will be accountable for the maintenance of the standards necessary to endure the success of the Safety Program.

Employee Responsibility

Most accidents can be prevented. Best Personnel takes all steps possible to ensure employees are working in safe and secure work environments, but employees are also responsible for their own health and safety. There are a number of ways employees can create ideal, accident-free workplaces.

Workers are required to know and understanding the regulations and procedures that are applicable to their job. Employees must report any unsafe conditions immediately to their supervisor.

We Recommend:

  • Only undertaking work you have appropriate training for.
  • Reviewing any and all safety and training materials. If you are unsure, ask questions on proper procedure.
  • Being aware of any situational hazards, for yourself and others.
  • Using protective equipment and use all materials and machinery properly.
  • Following all rules and assignments carefully
  • Reporting hazardous materials or situations immediately
  • Memorizing numbers and locations of first aid attendants

Contact Best Personnel immediately if you are asked to perform any duties outside the scope of your training and job description, or if you feel there is a threat to your safety or the safety of others.

If there has already been a safety incident, report it to the site or office first aid department, then contact us as soon as possible for information about our Injury Management programs.