What Makes a Job Agency Worth Hiring?

What makes a good job agency?

As a business, success is finding skilled employees in the shortest amount of time. When part-time staff exceed expectations and become permanent employees, it’s an even bigger win.

As a job seeker, landing a paying position with a respectable company is always a plus.

Ultimately, you’re looking for an agency that is dedicated and detail-oriented, just like the best employees! Best Personnel Inc. helps businesses and job seekers in and around Vancouver.

Do you need help with your recruiting processes? A job agency like Best Personnel can maximize your return on investment.

Reasons Why Your Vancouver Business Needs a Good Job Agency

  • You’re expanding rapidly and need help fast.
  • You’ve got a special project that demands temporary short-term employees to avoid paying overtime to your full-time staff.
  • Your job postings haven’t turned up any promising leads.
  • You don’t have a dedicated human resources team.
  • Your HR team could benefit from outside support.
  • You’re looking for a cost-effective way to save on training and certifications.
  • You need someone with years of industry experience and connections who understands the job market in Canada.
  • You need help with payroll for temporary labour.
construction employees carrying a plank of wood
construction employees carrying a plank of wood

So Why is Best Personnel the Right Agency for You?

You’re Dealing with People Passionate About Employment

We believe in the power of work to accomplish great things.

It takes a special type of person to pursue a career in human resources. As full-time recruiters, we’re not just responsible for one company; we’re responsible for the staffing of multiple companies at the same time.

It’s a big responsibility which means we’re constantly recruiting and training new applicants all the time to maintain our database.

How dedicated are we? For starters, we’re on call 24/7 to assist.

Who we hire on your behalf reflects just as strongly on us as it does on you. That’s how we’ve been able to thrive so long in a competitive industry. We care about the people we serve.

Job recruiting isn’t an easy job and it takes a special person to do it well.

Any job site can become a potential liability with a bad hire. Dealing with people’s livelihoods requires extra sensitivity and care.

The experienced staff at Best Personnel is approachable, well-spoken, organized, and above all, professional. We’ve been in the business of protecting the reputation of our clients for years.

Our team loves what we do.

We Are Efficient at Finding the Right People

Best Personnel saves you time while offering peace of mind. Do you need ticketed people? We can do that.

As an employment agency serving the needs of both companies and job seekers in Vancouver, B.C., a big part of our job is making contacts with skilled, enthusiastic workers seeking jobs. Connecting the right people to their next job opportunity is a responsibility we do not take lightly.

Best Personnel’s leadership team brings 25+ years of HR recruiting experience to your search. The level of service we provide goes above and beyond what’s expected from most other agencies. Greater Vancouver employers trust us because we thoroughly scout and prepare the talent we bring into any organization.

That means thorough screening, background checks, follow-up interviews, and more. Our database of potential hires has been well vetted. And we back our recruitment services with a dependable guarantee!

Best Personnel Team, Job Agency

We Guarantee Replacement If the Employee Doesn't Work Out

As part of our professional services, we provide employers with added confidence. Every employee we provide is working on a probationary basis for their first three months. So, if you have any problems with a person we recommended for a job, we’ll find a replacement at no cost to you.

When it comes to the needs of your business, stop wasting time with questionable hires. We are BCCSA CORĀ® certified and trusted by companies in various sectors.

Give us a call to find out how easy we can make things for your company.

Please beware of a PHISHING scam involving texts/sms/WHATSAPP. We only accept applications through our WEBSITE and we do not require your banking information.
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