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How to Maximize your LinkedIn Profile in 2020

Mary Dusault Tips

LinkedIn is one of the most popular networking sites in modern times. More and more people have realized its importance, especially when it comes to job searching and professional connections.  Creating a LinkedIn profile is easy, and everyone can do it correctly. The most important thing is to ensure your profile stands out from the others. This is where you need to put efforts because there are several profiles to compete with online.  It is also worth noting that most recruitment agencies Vancouver check LinkedIn as they look for a potential candidate to fill vacant positions.  Therefore, your profile must be professional and unique from the others.

Making small improvements can make a lot of differences and make your profile be at the top. You should make the improvements to help advance your profile regardless of the professional or industry you work in. Besides, if you are a business person, a great profile enables you to connect with buyers more effectively. A unique LinkedIn profile makes buyers develop more trust and confidence with the products or services you provide. To make your profile the best, there are specific major improvements to make.  Here are some of the top ways on how to maximize your LinkedIn profile in 2020.

9 Tips to Maximize your LinkedIn Profile

1. Increase its visibility

The most important thing is to make sure that your profile is visible to your potential customers or recruitment agencies in Vancouver.  This is the same case with all other social networking tools you use to connect with the outside world. You do not want to have a profile that people will not see or spend a lot of time as they search for it. With such a profile, you end up wasting a lot of time and effort building it. All elements in your LinkedIn must be visible to everyone.  All you should do is go to the privacy and settings option and select to share your entire profile with all public viewers.  Allow all people to view your profile because it is of no value to create a profile and then deny some people to view it.

2. Keep updated

Like any social networking site or website, your LinkedIn must be updated at all times to make it look more relevant. You need to interact more with your profile so that it is also viewed by other people.  It is advisable to update your profile at least twenty times every month to maximize the number of viewers you reach. With regular updates, you can reach more than 60 percent of your unique target audience.  Updating your profile also allow others to know what you are doing, events attended, and other changes you have done in your business or profession.

3. Use QR Code

After meeting other people in a certain networking function, you would like them to understand you more. You can make it easy for them to access your LinkedIn profile by having a QR or Quick Response code linking to your profile directly. Add the quick response card to your resume, business cards or pitch letters. Besides, you can also design stickers with your code and add them to your badge when attending the various networking functions.

4. Develop LinkedIn buttons

Make sure you use LinkedIn buttons to help direct people to your profile. Under privacy and settings, you can view your public profile setting. Below the box, you find what is known as Linked Call, which is your public profile badge. This gives you an opportunity to select from a number of button options you can add your blog websites, email signature and others.

5. Repurpose your profile

Repurposing your LinkedIn profile is a great way to make it more valuable to you. You need to look at it and make it a top shopping stop for those with an interest in knowing more about your profession. Put your LinkedIn profile together as it helps be clearer about your individual brand message, document and define your career success.  With all the content in your profile, you should then leverage the content with other applications. Make sure you add any extra skill or event you attend to your profile to make it more valuable.  By repurposing your profile, it can go a long way in supporting all your branding initiatives.

6. Market your profile

Your LinkedIn profile attains more exposure if you can market it using other means. Besides promoting it online, you can also do so offline. You can do it by exporting it to PDF or word document to use it in your marketing activities. You can give it out to your target audience who may not be able to access it online. This also increases the number of those who view it and understand more about your profession or business.

7. Change it into a resume

A resume is an important document that showcases your professionalism. The good thing is that LinkedIn labs offer you a great option to transform your LinkedIn profile into a resume. It is easy to do this. Begin by selecting your resume template and then customize all the content pulled from your LinkedIn profile. This goes a long way in saving time and improves consistency between your offline and online career documents.

8. Design your website

You get several services that allow you to import your LinkedIn content into their platform to help create your website.  The services help you import your content into one of the many templates. From there you can customize your website with your preferred colors, images, fonts and others.

9. Have a background

LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to add a background. Here you can showcase some level of creativity and highlight your profession or brand.  As you add the background, think about what people associate you with. For instance, if you are a photographer, choose an option that matches that line of work or profession.


You can also maximize your LinkedIn profile in 2020 by having testimonials. The recommendations make recruitment agencies Vancouver develop more confidence in your knowledge and skills. No one can recruit you without checking at recommendations or references.  Request your former colleagues or employers to leave some testimonial on your profile.

Bottom line

Before maximizing your LinkedIn profile take time to ensure that it is compelling and reflect the real you. This helps everyone who views it to understand you better.