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How To Include A Part Time Job On Your Resume?

Mary Dusault Tips

For many, when it comes to creating or updating a resume, it can feel quite intimidating or in some cases like a chore; Getting the ball rolling is always the hardest part. However, with the technology we have available today, there are many samples, examples and templates available on the internet to help you out with industry-specific language and explanations to get those neurons engaged.  Or, if you want to get the task done more efficiently with much less leg work, there are many employment agencies or temp agencies in Vancouver, B.C.

Nowadays, with the current employment climate, this method has become the norm. Recruiters across the lower mainland are ready and eager to help you find the right job while usually getting you a better contract or job offer than you may be presented with independently.


Should You Put Part-Time Jobs On Your Resume?


Relevance Work Experience:

So, how do you seamlessly include all those part-time jobs on your resume? You can certainly gain an abundance of professional and transferable skills working at fast-food restaurants, cafes, or summer camps, and should think about adding them if you are lacking “relevant” work experience to balance out your resume.

Hiring personnel have very busy schedules; they do not always have the time to review your resume with a fine-toothed comb. The more you can tailor your resume to show that your work experience and skills are relevant to a job and/or company the more likely you will get a callback. Even if you are a new graduate, or a working parent re-entering the workforce, remember you have transferable skills. For instance, if you can use Microsoft office, this would be useful in a multitude of jobs; or as a parent make sure to emphasize your time management and conflict resolution experience and skills.


Streamlining Your Work History:

Streamlining your resume is a technique that has a significantly positive effect when applying for a job opportunity. What we mean by this is to show that you have always had a job; showing longevity or consistent consecutive work on a resume is a sure-fire way to be noticed. Gaps in your resume can look very unprofessional, suspicious and, in some cases, will cause confusion and rejection before being given a fair chance. Therefore, if you have always had a full-time job, while supplementing with a part-time job, or multiple consecutive part-time jobs these can provide some wiggle room with what you may want to include on your resume.

If the jobs you have previously done all have relevance to the current position you are applying for, then, by all means, include it on your resume; However, if it was a short gig, or a completely unrelated job just to make some fast cash then most likely we would not recommend incorporating it. Again, there is no one answer that fits all, but sometimes less is more. As your resume should be 1 – 2 pages max, make sure not to flood your resume with too much information; the white space is as important as the content of information.


Focus on your Results and Achievements:

Now depending on your experience, you may have little to offer in regards to professional experience- you don’t have numerous full-time positions to pump up your resume, or you don’t have a variety of transferable skills; not to worry, there are other ways to keep your application at the top of the pile. Besides demonstrating your passion and excitement on your cover letter or in the summary section at the top of your resume, you have to also consider how to present your work experience in a manner that highlights some results and achievements from your previous positions and or schooling. Don’t over-do it, but it’s okay to boast about yourself a bit.



Call Centre – Customer Service Representative

  • Answered and served 100+ customers per day in a fast-paced environment, superior execution of soft skills and conflict resolution techniques, which led to a promotion and raise within 5 months.

Also note:

Being honest on a resume shows, hiring managers look at hundreds of resumes at a time. They are looking for the best fit for the position and the company as a whole; The resume may get you in the door, but your personality and attitude are what will keep you there.

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