how to find a job in vancouver

How to Find a Job in Vancouver

Mary Dusault Tips

Vancouver is one of Canada’s largest cities, and as such it holds a great deal of opportunity for job seekers. Taking advantage of the right job opportunity for you however can be challenging, especially when you consider the large amount and wide variety of positions that need to be filled on a given day in such a large city. To help you narrow the options on your job search in Vancouver, you might want to consider the helpful tips described below.

Make Use of Online Resources

Even if you aren’t currently living in Vancouver, it is always possible to start tracking down open positions that fit your interests, experience and skill set. Job search tools that can be found online are a great way to start looking for a job even if you aren’t in a certain area. Before you make the move to Vancouver, you should check out some of the following sources:

IndeedIndeed is emerging as the largest online resource for job seekers across Canada. This tool is especially handy if you are taking your first look at the job openings in a specific city like Vancouver. You can search according to a number of different parameters, and will be presented with a large list of possible options that link you directly to an employer’s hiring page.

CareerBuilderAnother large scale resource for job seekers, CareerBuilder gives you even more options to refine your search including pay scale, required education and of course location. In addition to the numerous job postings listed on this site, you can also find some extremely helpful resources concerning career advice, interviewing tips and much more.

LinkedInThis site is not only a top job posting resource, it is also a major networking site that is second only to social media platforms like Facebook. By uploading your resume and personal profile to LinkedIn, you can actually give employers an opportunity to seek you out rather than having to search jobs individually. This expanded networking site also lets you join specific groups that are defined by educational background, industry and other areas of interest.

Get to Know the City

To get a leg up on the competition while seeking a job in Vancouver, it is beneficial to gain a good understanding of the city itself. This doesn’t mean you have to necessarily know your way around town before you get here. What it means is you should get to know the kind of common employment opportunities that you’ll find in Vancouver. Unlike cities like Calgary and Toronto, Vancouver is less of a corporate hub and caters more to employment in niche markets. While you might find a lot of jobs opportunities in Toronto are focused on finance, advertising or business, Vancouver offers a wider range of employment opportunities across a much more diverse group of industries. There are fewer opportunities for corporate climbers in a city like Vancouver, but more opportunities for people with specialized skills in specific industries like fitness, real estate, hospitality, healthcare, tourism, filmmaking, IT, and construction, forestry and mining.

Work with an Employment Agency

One of the best things you can do to give yourself a head start on your job hunt in Vancouver is to get in touch with an employment agency like Best Personnel. We can offer a great deal of resources to people seeking jobs in a large number of industries. This can be particularly helpful if you are new to the city, and have not had a chance to establish a strong network of prospective employers. We can help you get your name and resume out across the city, so you can focus on deciding which job would be best for you, rather than simply taking the first job you are offered. It is our goal to work with you to ensure you get the job placement that is right for your needs. To learn more about how Best Personnel can help you find the right job in Vancouver, feel free to contact us with an up to date resume today!