Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get work through Best Personnel?

Please visit our office in New Westminster weekdays between 9AM – 2PM to complete an application and for an in-person interview with a Staffing Consultant. Please bring valid photo ID, resume, SIN and any tickets/certifications you hold. We are 1 block from New Westminster Skytrain Station on the corner of Begbie St and Clarkson St, above the Waves Coffee Shop.

I’m missing some of the items listed above. Can I still work through Best Personnel?

A completed application and interview, work references and valid photo ID & SIN are required before Best Personnel can dispatch you for work.

How long will I have to wait before I start working?

As an agency, the jobs we have available on any given day are dependent on the needs of our clients and demand is constantly changing. Calling daily during dispatch times (weekdays between 3PM – 5:30PM for next-day assignments and between 6AM – 9AM for same-day/ASAP assignments) is the best way to let our Staffing Consultants know you are available for work.

Which jobs are most in demand?

The type of work Best Personnel offers is primarily industrial in Warehousing and Construction, however, we do receive requests for office/clerical positions from time to time. Some of the most requested positions are General Labourers, Cleaners, Traffic Control Persons, Hoist Operators, Construction Safety Officers and Occupational First Aid Attendants Level 2.

Where are the job sites located?

Our clients have job sites located all over the Lower Mainland and we will do our best to keep you as close to home or your desired location as possible. We occasionally receive requests for Safety Personnel on out-of-town projects.

Can I work part-time?

Best Personnel offers on-call jobs which is helpful for anyone with changing availability. Our clients usually require someone for full days so working part-time through Best Personnel would mean you work on certain days and not half-days or partial shifts.

Do you only have temporary jobs?

Best Personnel receives requests from clients who only need someone for one day as well as requests for full-time, permanent employees and everything in-between.

Does it reflect negatively on me if Best Personnel offers me work but I’m not available? Will it mean I won’t be offered work in the future?

No. We understand that not everyone is available all the time for different reasons. If we contact you about a job and you are not available to take it, just let us know.

What do I do if I accepted a job but can no longer make it?

Please call the office at 604-522-4900, as soon as you know you will not be able to go, even if it is outside office hours, and either speak to a Staffing Consultant or leave us a message.

Can I receive my pay in cash?

No. Best Personnel offers payment either by cheque or etransfer.

What are Safe Work Practices & Procedures?

Safe Work Practices are the written methods outlining how to perform a task with minimum risk factors or the “Do’s & Don’ts” for a task. Safe Work Procedures are the step-by-step instructions to help guide the worker through a task from start to finish.

Please beware of a PHISHING scam involving texts/sms/WHATSAPP. We only accept applications through our WEBSITE and we do not require your banking information.
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