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What is the difference between employment agency and recruitment agency?

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Employment agency and recruitment agency are two terms that confuse a lot of people. Despite that there are some similarities in them; they are different terms all-together. Their differences arise in their operations and the goal they aim to attain. To gain more understanding of the two terms let’s look at where their differences arise.

Differentiating Factors

1. Scope of work

One of the areas where the two differ is in the scope of work that Vancouver employment agency and recruitment agency do. An employment agency plays the responsibility of placing qualified candidates in long term job positions. They usually have a large number of candidates who are looking for work in different industries. When vacancies arise, they usually place those with the required experience and qualifications to the companies they are needed. They network and collaborate with the different employers who contact them when there are vacant positions. The employment agency sends the qualified candidates from their rich pool to the employer. The employer then has the sole responsibility to decide who to hire from the candidates forwarded to them. The employer has the right to hire the candidate or candidates forwarded to them.

On the other hand, a recruitment agency helps companies fill temporary positions. These are positions that are vacant on short term basis. This may result if their employee or employees have gone for a holiday, on leave, sickness or there is a special project that requires to be completed within a specific time. A temp agency also offers short term help when companies are in their peak seasons. They usually send pre-screened and tested candidates to the companies to help work on the task or projects they are assigned for that specific period.

2. Management of the agencies

The other major difference between employment agency and temp agency is in the way they are managed. Recruitment agencies are usually privately owned. This means they operate privately unlike the employment agencies that can either me managed by the government or privately.  Thus, a temp agency can be operated as a private business, but need all the certifications and accreditations from the government for them to operate. They are still under the supervision of relevant government departments.  A Vancouver employment agency can be privately owned, but in most cases you will find that most of them are large and are managed by the government. They are under the labor or other government departments.

3. Funding

Recruitment agencies are not funded by the government. They depend on their own funding as they are also privately owned. They get most of the funds from the payment they get from employers when they place the right candidates to them. Since most of the employment agencies are management by the government, they usually get most of the funding from the government budget. However, those that are privately owned also earn revenue from the human resource services they provide.

4. Levels of employment

Most of the employment agencies in Vancouver do not deal with candidates in all levels of management. They usually limit themselves from middle to high levels of management. Thus, if your company is looking for candidates at the lower level management, most of the employment agencies might not help. On the other hand, a recruitment agency is more inclusive when it comes to the candidates they deal with. They offer qualified candidates for all levels of employment. Thus, even if your company needs subordinate staff a temp agency may be of great help. They do not limit themselves, as they deal with employees in all levels from entry to the top management levels.

5. Industries

Another difference worth noting is that a Vancouver employment agency deals with candidates in a wide range of industries. They usually have candidate who can work in many industries. For instance, you will find one employment agency with potential candidates for parastatals, oil industry, non-government organizations, food industries and so forth. A temp agency does not have candidates for such a large number of industries. They deal with a few industries since their scope is also limited. Thus, when you are looking for candidates from a temp agency you need to check whether they offer candidates in your industry.

Should you work with an employment or recruitment agency?

making a choice between recruitment and employment agency


By looking at the differences above, you are now in a better position to decide which agency to work with for your company or organization staffing needs. If you want long term employees and know that you have highly qualified interviewers in your company, an employment agency the best option. In case you have short term staffing needs and want candidates ready to start working immediately, a recruitment agency is the best fit for your company. The most important thing is to work with an agency that meets all your hiring needs. Besides, work with one that understand your business and can assist make the right hiring decisions fast and in a cost effective manner.