learn how to put your part time job on resume

How To Include A Part Time Job On Your Resume?

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For many, when it comes to creating or updating a resume, it can feel quite intimidating or in some cases like a chore; Getting the ball rolling is always the hardest part. However, with the technology we have available today, there are many samples, examples and templates available on the internet to help you out with industry-specific language and explanations …

linkedin profile

How to Maximize your LinkedIn Profile in 2020

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LinkedIn is one of the most popular networking sites in modern times. More and more people have realized its importance, especially when it comes to job searching and professional connections.  Creating a LinkedIn profile is easy, and everyone can do it correctly. The most important thing is to ensure your profile stands out from the others. This is where you …

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What is the difference between employment agency and recruitment agency?

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Employment agency and recruitment agency are two terms that confuse a lot of people. Despite that there are some similarities in them; they are different terms all-together. Their differences arise in their operations and the goal they aim to attain. To gain more understanding of the two terms let’s look at where their differences arise. Differentiating Factors 1. Scope of …

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High Demand Occupations With Salaries in BC 2020

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For a lot of people, a new year is a chance to start pursuing new goals and to get started on taking on new challenges. In a lot of cases, that can mean entering the job market in hopes of finding new employment opportunities, or even a new career path. If you are one of those people ready to make …

work shortage industries BC

10 Industries in BC That Need More Workers

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Over the past year, there has been a significant jump in the number of jobs available across a number of different industries. As BC features one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, it is no surprise that many of the job openings come from industries that are prevalent throughout our province. The trouble lately for employment agencies based …

job fair tips

What Job Seekers MUST Do Before Attending a Job Fair

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Preparation is key to success in most situations. Knowing what is expected of you and making sure you have properly prepared for a situation is not only beneficial, it can save you from feeling a lot of stress and uncertainty. This is true for things like job interviews, exams, athletic competitions and job fairs as well. As a job seeker, …


The Top Reasons Why an Employer Didn’t Call You Back

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Anyone who has set out on the so-called ‘job hunt’ is well aware of how discouraging it can be to get no response from a prospective employer after submitting a resume or sitting an interview. Not only are you still not employed, but it can also be frustrating simply not knowing why you weren’t contacted about your application. To help …

we have office position for temporary worker in Vancouver

Benefits of Hiring Temporary Workers

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The nature of employment throughout Canada and in populated cities like Vancouver is in the midst of a major shift to an increase in temporary positions. More and more workers are learning the benefits that come with finding temporary employment, but what about employers? To help you understand how best to take advantage of this increase in the temporary workforce …

tips to get employment agencies to find you the best candidate

Tips to Get Employment Agencies to Find You the Best Candidate

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Vancouver employment agencies can be a major source of assistance when looking to fill positions at your company. There are a number of different temp agencies in the city, all of which have their own unique approach to gathering job candidates and matching them with the right employer. In some cases, one particular agency might be the best option if …

reference letter from recrutment agency

Can I Use a Recruitment Agency as a Reference?

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Recruitment agencies are a great resource for workers looking to add experience to their resume without being tied down to a permanent position. Many people may be hesitant to include any temp work they may have done on their resumes, but skilled employment of any kind is a benefit, even if it is only a temporary position. There are many benefits …