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Can I Use a Recruitment Agency as a Reference?

Mary Dusault Tips

Recruitment agencies are a great resource for workers looking to add experience to their resume without being tied down to a permanent position. Many people may be hesitant to include any temp work they may have done on their resumes, but skilled employment of any kind is a benefit, even if it is only a temporary position. There are many benefits to choosing temporary work, and one of them is the fact that working with a recruitment agency gives you plenty of avenues to pursue when it comes to gaining experience and avoiding gaps in your employment history. There are many other reasons why you should never be hesitant to add your experience working with a recruitment agency to your CV as well. What people aren’t always aware of is exactly how to reference a recruiter on their resume. Below you’ll find brief guides on how best to reference your past experience with recruitment agencies, as well as the added benefits of doing so.

 Feature Your Time with a Recruitment Agency

Many people are hesitant to list the fact that they worked for an employment agency on their resume. This is usually due to a false notion that employers look down on people who have done temporary work in the past. On the contrary, there are many reasons why an employer may view a candidate’s time spent with a recruitment agency as a positive. As we mentioned above, it helps to show that you haven’t had any gaps in your employment. Taking the initiative to find work, even if you weren’t in a permanent role is a positive on a resume. When you list your previous employers on your CV, make sure to indicate that you did in fact work for a recruitment agency, and describe the different positions they had you fill for different companies.

Detailed Descriptions of Skills and Experiences

Once you have drawn attention to your time with a recruitment agency on your resume, it will give you the opportunity to display the skills and experiences you’ve acquired in your employment history. Temporary positions give you the chance to learn different skills and develop new experiences that you otherwise may not have had the opportunity to find in a more narrowly focused permanent position. This is the type of information you’ll want to draw attention to when referencing your time with an employment agency. Be as specific as possible when describing particular achievements, and don’t forget to describe how these experiences and achievements will help shape your future career development. For example, if you have worked as a sales associate or customer service representative for a retail company, you will have gained experience helping customers in a real time setting, meaning you have experience that has enhanced your communication skills, which is a great asset for any type of customer service position in the future.

Proper Formatting

Listing your past experiences working for a recruitment agency isn’t quite the same as listing your time with a permanent employer on your CV. As we mentioned above, you should list your recruitment agency as your previous employer, no matter how many different positions they had you fill during your time together. This will not only make it clear to a possible employer how you spent your time while you weren’t in a full-time position, it will make your actual resume look cleaner and more organized. When you list the positions you held during your time at the employment agency, be sure to include them in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent job and working your way backward. Even if you only held a position for a couple of days, you shouldn’t hesitate to include that experience. This is especially true if you think that short term position is related to the position you’re currently seeking. If it is clearly listed on your resume, it may encourage your potential employer to discuss that experience with you during an interview, giving you an additional opportunity to highlight your skills and experience.

Focus on Value

The experience and multiple skills you acquire while working different jobs with temp agencies can be a huge benefit on your job search. As such, you shouldn’t hesitate to focus on the significant value that experience will bring to your future employment opportunities. You don’t need to feel apologetic or bashful about having worked in temporary positions, especially if you can effectively communicate the value of your past experiences on your resume. That should be the key motivator when including references to your time with employment agencies on your resume.

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