how to become a site safety officer, Best Personnel

How to Become a Site Safety Officer

Workplace health and safety is an ever-growing field in Canada. As construction projects are on the rise across the country, so is the demand for Health and Safety Managers in Canada. Construction sites are required to follow clearly defined provincial occupational health and safety laws. A construction safety officer is...

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Traffic Control Person, Best Personnel

How to Become a Traffic Control Person in BC

Workplace safety is a crucial component of working on a construction site. Add vehicles to the mix, and the need for increased safety measures becomes even more imperative. A Traffic Control Person a.k.a. flagger or signaller is not only responsible for the safety of those working on a roadworks construction...

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A man getting his forklift driver's license in Vancouver, Best Personnel

How to Get Your Forklift Licence

Forklifts are used in a variety of industries in Canada. There is a huge demand for forklift operators. From warehouses to construction sites, there are many potential opportunities for work. In order to operate heavy machinery, Canada has several regulations in place to ensure worker safety.  Regulations for Forklift Operators...

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Benefits of Working with an Employment Agency, Best Personnel

Benefits of Working with an Employment Agency

The internet has changed how we do things. Looking for a job has become so much easier as there are thousands of listings posted online every day. However, trawling through these listings can get exhausting and there are chances you may miss the listing for a role that you are...

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