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10 Industries in BC That Need More Workers

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Over the past year, there has been a significant jump in the number of jobs available across a number of different industries. As BC features one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, it is no surprise that many of the job openings come from industries that are prevalent throughout our province. The trouble lately for employment agencies based …

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What Job Seekers MUST Do Before Attending a Job Fair

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Preparation is key to success in most situations. Knowing what is expected of you and making sure you have properly prepared for a situation is not only beneficial, it can save you from feeling a lot of stress and uncertainty. This is true for things like job interviews, exams, athletic competitions and job fairs as well. As a job seeker, …


The Top Reasons Why an Employer Didn’t Call You Back

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Anyone who has set out on the so-called ‘job hunt’ is well aware of how discouraging it can be to get no response from a prospective employer after submitting a resume or sitting an interview. Not only are you still not employed, but it can also be frustrating simply not knowing why you weren’t contacted about your application. To help …

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Benefits of Hiring Temporary Workers

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The nature of employment throughout Canada and in populated cities like Vancouver is in the midst of a major shift to an increase in temporary positions. More and more workers are learning the benefits that come with finding temporary employment, but what about employers? To help you understand how best to take advantage of this increase in the temporary workforce …

tips to get employment agencies to find you the best candidate

Tips to Get Employment Agencies to Find You the Best Candidate

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Vancouver employment agencies can be a major source of assistance when looking to fill positions at your company. There are a number of different temp agencies in the city, all of which have their own unique approach to gathering job candidates and matching them with the right employer. In some cases, one particular agency might be the best option if …

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Can I Use a Recruitment Agency as a Reference?

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Recruitment agencies are a great resource for workers looking to add experience to their resume without being tied down to a permanent position. Many people may be hesitant to include any temp work they may have done on their resumes, but skilled employment of any kind is a benefit, even if it is only a temporary position. There are many benefits …

Why Use a Recruitment Agency to Find a Job in Vancouver?

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These days you’ve probably heard or seen a lot of advertising about recruitment agencies and their hiring services. More and more employers are looking to these recruiters and temp agencies to fill job vacancies with qualified personnel suited to the position. Along with the employers who are taking advantage of this service, job seekers in Vancouver can also benefit by …

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Tips for a Job Interview at a Recruitment Agency

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Working with a recruitment agency to find employment is one of the most effective methods of ensuring you not only get hired, but that you find a position that is ideally suited to your needs and skill set. I order to make this the case, it is important to practice good communication habits when preparing for a job interview with …

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Tips to Succeed in A Vancouver Job Fair

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Job fairs in a major city like Vancouver are an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for a new career to find information and insight into how they can orient themselves on that career path. Many employers happily participate in job fairs because they know it is a good place to find motivated individuals who are seriously pursuing employment. As much …

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5 Tips to Get Hired Fast in Vancouver

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The job hunt can be stressful and at times frustrating process, especially if you have been on the lookout for a new job for a while. If this is the case, it can be difficult to stay focused on covering all your bases in your job search. When one prospect doesn’t turn out, it can make it hard to move …