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How To Include A Part Time Job On Your Resume?

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For many, when it comes to creating or updating a resume, it can feel quite intimidating or in some cases like a chore; Getting the ball rolling is always the hardest part. However, with the technology we have available today, there are many samples, examples and templates available on the internet to help you out with industry-specific language and explanations …

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Is it Hard to Find A Job in Vancouver?

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It has been said by many “2020 was the year from hell.” We can’t argue with that. From a fatal pandemic to a worldwide movement for racial justice, the year 2020 definitely saw its fair share of detrimental global events; I’m sure you have some anecdotes that will be told for years to come. Fear, uncertainty and Job loss were …

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High Demand Occupations with Salaries in BC 2021

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You may be beginning your first career, returning to the workforce, or transitioning into something brand new; there are many opportunities online or through a recruitment agency to explore contemporary careers, expand on your skills as well as find suitable jobs in your community. 2020 had a great effect on many industries and fields of study. 2021 is going to …

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Is Working From Home The Future of Work?

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In the past employers believed that their workforce would be too easily distracted at home, where they felt that if their managers could keep a watch over them would minimize time wasted. However, with the Coronavirus, we have learnt that working from home is more beneficial than we thought. People find that they prefer to work at home as they …

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Are Temporary Jobs Worth It?

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In the media, temp jobs are sometimes portrayed as the last-resort solution or option for enthusiastic job-seekers. However, is this interpretation really worth it? After all, temporary jobs can offer a number of benefits, from the opportunity to dip your toes into a new career path before fully committing to offering unparalleled flexibility. Here are five reasons to take a …

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10 Team Building Activities for Virtual Meetings

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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the way most people experience their daily work life. Instead of being among workers in a single, in-person setting, employees all over the world are learning to cope with the realities of working from home or a remote location. This makes it difficult to remain socially engaged at work, which can …

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How to Maximize your LinkedIn Profile in 2020

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LinkedIn is one of the most popular networking sites in modern times. More and more people have realized its importance, especially when it comes to job searching and professional connections.  Creating a LinkedIn profile is easy, and everyone can do it correctly. The most important thing is to ensure your profile stands out from the others. This is where you …

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What is the difference between employment agency and recruitment agency?

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Employment agency and recruitment agency are two terms that confuse a lot of people. Despite that there are some similarities in them; they are different terms all-together. Their differences arise in their operations and the goal they aim to attain. To gain more understanding of the two terms let’s look at where their differences arise. Differentiating Factors 1. Scope of …

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High Demand Occupations With Salaries in BC 2020

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For a lot of people, a new year is a chance to start pursuing new goals and to get started on taking on new challenges. In a lot of cases, that can mean entering the job market in hopes of finding new employment opportunities, or even a new career path. If you are one of those people ready to make …

unemployment rate in BC

Unemployment Rate in BC

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If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you might’ve seen that the national unemployment rate for Canada reached a historic low over the summer. Nationwide, the unemployment rate fell to a record 43-year low point of 5.4%. As of now, that rate has remained relatively stable, and the same goes for Vancouver and the rest of BC. Just …