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Benefits of Hiring Temporary Workers

Mary Dusault Tips

The nature of employment throughout Canada and in populated cities like Vancouver is in the midst of a major shift to an increase in temporary positions. More and more workers are learning the benefits that come with finding temporary employment, but what about employers? To help you understand how best to take advantage of this increase in the temporary workforce we’ve put together a brief list of the benefits you can gain as an employer. Whether you choose to hire these temporary workers yourself or work with a top quality employment agency like Best Personnel, there is plenty to gain by enlisting temporary workers as part of your team.

Increased Flexibility

Employers across multiple industries know the reality of business means some years will be busier and perhaps more successful than others. With that in mind, it can make more sense to pursue the flexibility offered by a temporary workforce rather than remaining tied to a permanent workforce even in less busy times. A good example of this is seasonal workers for retail stores. Employers are able to make good use of temporary workers whenever necessary without having to make any long term commitments on the payroll. Hiring skilled temporary workers is also a great way to get short-term help when absences need to be filled. When a regular full-time employee needs to take an extended absence for something like maternity leave, filling the position with a temporary worker is a far more flexible and convenient option than any other alternative, especially when you have a great resource like a reliable employment agency helping you fill the position.

Save Money

A temporary worker recruited via an employment agency represents a number of ways to save on overhead costs and increase profitability for employers. That is largely due to the fact that any good staffing agency will be prepared to handle to legwork and associated costs with the hiring process. That means you as the employer can still gain access to qualified candidates for your position, without having to take the necessary time to screen resumes, conduct interviews and make the final selection. Furthermore, employment agencies are also prepared to handle any employee training and the associated costs on your behalf. Even when it comes to actual payroll costs for temporary workers, employers really only end up paying for the hours worked. This is because most temporary employees will be paid through the agency, so their WSIB benefits, taxes and unemployment payments will be covered by the agency, not the employer.

Enhance Your Workforce

There is a perception that still exists around temporary workers which sees them as mostly unskilled workers best suited for simple tasks that require little training. While there are lots of examples of temp work that require little training, there are plenty more examples of highly skilled people looking for stimulating and challenging work that draws upon their specialized training. As an employer, there may be some instances where your existing employees don’t possess the required skills for new, special projects. In these cases, finding a temporary worker with the right skills and experience for a specific project is often the best course of action. These workers can not only ensure your projects are completed properly and on time, they can also act as a great resource for permanent employees on your payroll who can benefit from their insight and experience.

Future Hires

Temporary work doesn’t always have to be temporary. There are plenty of examples of temp hires that ended up in permanent positions due to their dedication and skill on the job, and the way they fit in with an existing team of permanent employees. When you think about all the work that goes into finding the right worker for a given position, the appeal of bringing back a person who you are familiar with, and someone who is likewise familiar with your company and how you as an employer like things to run is hard to ignore. There is really no better way to see how a person will fit into your workforce than making them a part of your workforce! With help from a top Vancouver staffing agency like Best Personnel, you will be able to find that person.

To find out more about the benefits associated with hiring temporary workers, don’t hesitate to contact Best Personnel to talk to one of our staffing experts today.