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Are Temporary Jobs Worth It?

Mary Dusault Temporary jobs

In the media, temp jobs are sometimes portrayed as the last-resort solution or option for enthusiastic job-seekers. However, is this interpretation really worth it? After all, temporary jobs can offer a number of benefits, from the opportunity to dip your toes into a new career path before fully committing to offering unparalleled flexibility. Here are five reasons to take a temporary job that may not have been obvious.


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5 Reasons To Take Temporary Job


1. Temporary Work Can Help Save For Your Goals

Have you always wanted to travel the world? It can be hard to take an extended time off of work when you are employed in a full-time, permanent role. However, if you have a temporary contract, it can be easy to set saving goals for yourself, whether it be for a trip or for purchase. For example, if you are looking forward to travelling in a few month’s time, you can set benchmark goals for yourself that you will work towards in your temporary job.  Sometimes, when there is a firm deadline as to when your job ends, it can be easier to save. This is especially true when you don’t have to worry about taking any time off and you can have confidence that your travels await you.


2. Temporary Work Can Fill in Gaps in Your Resume

It would be nice if everyone who wishes for a permanent full-time job could find one, but the reality of the job market is that it is tough out there.


3. Temporary Jobs Help You Explore the Job Market

Think back to when you were in high school. More likely than not, you did not have much of a chance to explore potential career options before feeling like you had to commit to one. In fact, there are very few situations wherein young people can get hands-on experience without committing to an expensive college or university program or settling for an unpaid internship. Taking a temporary job helps you gain experience in a new field, whether or not you necessarily have direct experience in it, which can go a long way in helping you discover whether or not you have an interest in a certain career path.


This is an especially useful prospect for those who find themselves in-between jobs or unsure which career path they want to take. There can be a large amount of pressure in our society to commit to one career path early. By taking a temporary job, you have the rare opportunity to gain experience while not committing to a life of a certain type of work before even deciding if you like that work at all.


4. If a Temporary Job is Not a Good Fit, That’s Okay

Sometimes, even if a job looks like it would be a good fit for us on paper, it’s entirely possible that things will be different when you start working the job and reality sinks in. Oftentimes, when it’s a full-time, permanent job at stake, it can be awkward and difficult to leave an agreement that was made between employer and employee. However, when performing a temporary job, the ball is more comfortable in your court and you can often choose to walk away at any time, depending on your contract.


5. Taking a Temporary Job Can Break Up a Frustrating Job Hunt

It’s a little talked about but often-experienced fact of life that looking for a job can be absolutely soul-crushing. Taking a temporary job can not only provide an ego-boost but can also help you put your mind at ease if you are dealing with a cycle of ignored job applications and rejections. Studies have shown that performing job duties can help with your mental health, and with a renewed outlook you will be better poised to keep continuing the long and often arduous process of job hunting.


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