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5 Tips to Get Hired Fast in Vancouver

Mary Dusault Tips

The job hunt can be stressful and at times frustrating process, especially if you have been on the lookout for a new job for a while. If this is the case, it can be difficult to stay focused on covering all your bases in your job search. When one prospect doesn’t turn out, it can make it hard to move on to the next one with the same energy and industriousness as before. This is why it is important to make sure you take care of the little things when you’re looking to get hired. To help you make the most of your job search and get you back to work quickly, you should take advantage of the following five tips that will help you get hired in a large city like Vancouver.

Target Your Resume

A good way to endear yourself to a prospective employer is by creating a resume that highlights skills and experiences that are relevant to the job you’re currently seeking. If you want a job in the hospitality industry, be sure to include items on your resume that highlight your customer service skills. Keeping a resume that is tailored to the job you’re targeting will also go a long way towards keeping yourself engaged in your job hunt. Rather than dropping a general resume all over Vancouver, you will keep yourself actively focused on attaining a specific employment goal.

Keep Applying for Jobs

It can be tempting to abandon your general job hunt in favour of preparing for an upcoming interview or application process for one specific job. For the most part, job seekers are rejected by fifteen potential employers before landing a position, which means you should keep putting yourself out there until you have actually landed a position, not just an interview.

Don’t Be Afraid to Reapply

You may not have landed that position you were after with one company a month ago, but that doesn’t mean you have run out of chances. On the contrary, reapplying to a position you didn’t get before give you a chance to reassess what mistakes you may have made in your previous attempt. Also, employers may have seriously considered you before, and would be happy to do so again now that you’ve showed continued interest in the position and have taken the initiative to reapply.

Follow Up

A great way to establish a positive impression with a potential employer after an interview is to follow up a few days after you have met. This can easily be done with a simple thank you email that indicates your appreciation for their consideration, and your eagerness to begin working for the company. This also gives you an opportunity to get your name and contact information to the top of the list of candidates days after your interview takes place.

Contact an Employment Agency

There are plenty of great job opportunities all over the city, and with a Vancouver’s employment agency’s help, you can find the right one a lot quicker than you might on your own. With a wide range of resources and contacts in multiple industries, quality employment agencies like Best Personnel can put you in touch with an employer that is right for you. We take the time to work with you to discuss skills, experiences and your personal interests and employment goals. From there we can make the job hunt go a lot smoother and faster, getting you a great new position in no time at all.

To find out some more helpful tips for job hunting in Vancouver, or to get started on finding your next job, be sure to contact Best Personnel today!