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February 28, 2023

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Workplace safety is a crucial component of working on a construction site. Add vehicles to the mix, and the need for increased safety measures becomes even more imperative. A Traffic Control Person a.k.a. flagger or signaller is not only responsible for the safety of those working on a roadworks construction site but also for vehicular traffic surrounding it. 

What Do Traffic Control Persons Do?

A traffic control person is responsible for controlling the flow of traffic around a road construction site. They guide motorists around the work zone safely by using equipment like barricades, warning signs, and traffic cones. By helping motorists navigate past roadworks, traffic control persons also help keep the roadworks construction workers safe from oncoming vehicles. 

Some duties carried out by traffic control personnel include:

  • Managing flow of traffic

They use hand signals and signs to guide traffic around construction sites.

  • Placing signs

They are responsible for placing roadworks signs in appropriate places to warn drivers about construction zones. Similarly, they place traffic cones around construction sites to demarcate them clearly. 

  • Reporting unsafe drivers

They make note of undisciplined drivers and report them to the appropriate supervisors or law enforcement personnel as required.

  • Keeping the construction crew safe

They also need to assist the construction crew by regulating traffic flow when they need to move equipment, construction vehicles, or rubble. 

  • Work with their teams

Depending on the size of the roadworks at hand, there may be multiple traffic control personnel needed to manage the flow of traffic around the site. They need to work as a team to ensure vehicle and worker safety.

Skills Needed to Become a Traffic Control Person

Being a flagger means being responsible for the health and safety of several people. This means that having or developing certain skills can help perform the role effectively. Signallers need various physical, mental and social skills including,

  • Physical Skills: Traffic control personnel spend many hours on their feet. This means that they need to be in good shape. Additionally, having good vision and hearing can help them spot potential danger and take the necessary steps to prevent it.
  • Mental Skills: Signallers may need to make instantaneous decisions in case of an emergency. Being able to think on their feet can help avert a crisis. Additionally, flaggers should be able to work with minimal supervision for long hours, so a good work ethic is necessary. They also need to remain alert for long periods of time.
  • Social Skills: Apart from being able to work alone, flaggers need to be able to work as a part of a team. Additionally, as they may have to deal with irate vehicle drivers on occasion, a pleasant disposition is a bonus. Being able to communicate effectively is key.

How to Become a Traffic Control Person in British Columbia

WorkSafe BC has strict guidelines and requires potential Traffic Control Persons to be certified. WorkSafeBC only considers training offered by the B.C. Construction Safety Alliance and Universal Health and Safety Inc. as meeting acceptable standards and requirements.

Aspiring Traffic Control Personnel need to complete an approved training program that includes classroom & practical training, after which they need to pass both the open book written exam (40 multiple choice & True/False questions) with a minimum of 80% & the practical evaluation with 100%.

Once you have received your certification, you may be employed by a government agency or a private civil construction company.

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