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September 6, 2022

The construction industry in Canada is huge and is expected to continue growing over the next decade. In fact, according to BuildForce Canada’s national report, Construction and Maintenance: Looking Forward, the industry will require nearly 260,000 workers to enter the workforce to meet demands. With such a high requirement for staff, it is the ideal time to think about entering the industry and building a career that grows along with it.

Why consider a career in construction?

Apart from the projected growth in the industry which in turn can guarantee a stable income, there are plenty of reasons why joining the construction industry can lead to a long and fulfilling career.

1. You can start at the very beginning

Many construction jobs do not require you to hold a college degree or have a lot of work experience either. In fact, it is one industry that allows you to join as a complete newbie and work your way up the career ladder. You get to learn while you earn!

In fact, many construction firms conduct on-the-job training programs or offer apprenticeships to promising candidates allowing you to earn trade certifications. How fast you progress is entirely up to you.

2. Job diversity

The construction industry requires a multitude of skilled tradespeople – from masons and bricklayers to electricians and plumbers and a whole bunch of others in between. As you progress through different roles, you may find a trade that appeals to you and decide to specialize in that field. Those with a managerial bent of mind may also be able to progress into supervisory roles with experience.

There are also plenty of crossovers between different jobs – for example, a crane operator has many of the skills required to operate other heavy construction machinery. This means you may be able to carry out more than one kind of job providing you earn the necessary qualifications.

3. Mobility

There are bound to be construction jobs wherever people live and work. This means you will be able to find jobs in locations of your choice. Many construction workers actually move base every few years, just for a change of scenery or travel on a project-wise basis.

4. It’s not just manual labor

Many people are under the impression that a job in construction is simply manual labor. However, the construction industry requires its tradespeople to learn different skills that involve using math and physics. For example, electricians need to know all about electrical circuits while plumbers need to understand gravity and water flows.

Gone are the days when everything was done by hand. Today you increasingly see construction machinery that looks like a new-age robot. The industry needs workers with technological skills to operate this machinery and carry out high-precision work.

Career progression in the construction industry.

There are various different career paths available for individuals in the construction industry. The most straightforward one progresses like this:

Beginner Apprentice Certification/ Qualification Journeyperson

There are plenty of soft skills you can learn on the job, that allow you to grow both personally and professionally. You may also be able to enter supervisory roles after you have earned your professional qualifications or even start your own firm as a construction contractor.

Apart from this, you may also be able to gain the experience needed to train new apprentices, work in labor relations, enter administration, manage payrolls, work in the health and safety field, and become a project manager, among other roles. Many individuals in the industry also decide to get college degrees once they know the path they want to follow. For example, you may decide to earn an MBA if you want to start your own business.

How do I get a job in the construction industry?

Some construction jobs like those in the engineering field require a college degree while others do not. If you have a high school degree with little or no experience, you can start by looking for construction jobs online that do not need you to be highly qualified. You can narrow your search by job type or location as well.

Another option is to contact a temp or staffing agency that will take the time to understand exactly what you are looking for in terms of work, your capabilities, and your need for flexibility. Not all positions are advertised on the internet, and chances are that the staffing agency will be able to match you to an opportunity that you wouldn’t even know existed.

Our recruiters at Best Personnel Inc are constantly on the lookout for hard-working, motivated individuals who are willing to work and play as a team in a safe construction environment. We have various career opportunities available along with training programs to help you learn the skills you need to work safely and effectively. Browse our open jobs today or get in touch with us with your needs. We’re always happy to help!

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