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10 Industries in BC That Need More Workers

Mary Dusault Tips

Over the past year, there has been a significant jump in the number of jobs available across a number of different industries. As BC features one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, it is no surprise that many of the job openings come from industries that are prevalent throughout our province. The trouble lately for employment agencies based in cities like Vancouver, therefore, hasn’t been finding jobs to fill, but rather in finding workers to fill the positions that are readily available. Below you’ll find a list of the 10 industries in BC that are actively seeking skilled employees. If you are currently seeking work in Vancouver or the surrounding area, the team of recruitment specialists at Best Personnel will likely be able to find you a position in one of these industries based on your qualifications.

TOP 10 Work Industries in BC That Need Labour

Healthcare Specialists

There has been a steady rise in the number of jobs available within the healthcare industry for nurses in particular. While the demand for doctors and medical technicians has always remained high in BC, the demand for registered nurses is at an all-time high, with no decline in sight. For those with nursing degrees, or those about to obtain a nursing degree, the time has never been better to find a gainful position in healthcare.

Skilled Trades

You may have heard by now about the abundance of jobs available for skilled trades workers all over the province. Every industry from plumbing to electrical workers, carpenters, mechanics, welders and more is in the midst of a major turnaround in available workers. With a shortage in each of these industries, there is plenty of room for new apprentices to start gaining on the job experience in whatever trade they wish to pursue. Thanks to our numerous contacts in the skilled trade industries, Best Personnel can quickly put qualified candidates into available positions.

Trucking and Logistics

As shipping and online shopping continue to expand thanks to companies like Amazon, the demand for drivers and logistical specialists has been on a steady rise. Many trucking companies are having a hard time meeting the demand for shipping because of a lack of employees the can put behind the wheel. At Best Personnel we can not only help companies fill these positions, but we can also help interested workers get certified to apply for positions as drivers or logistical workers.

IT  and Software Solutions

Computers have become a vital part of virtually any business’ existence. With that in mind, it makes sense that the demand for IT support workers has risen steadily over the years. Despite the increasing amount of qualified IT specialists out there, the demand continues to grow. Companies are now seeking to outsource their IT and software need to save on costs, but this has actually contributed to the increased demand for skilled professionals in these industries.


Sales is often a high demand industry when it comes to finding workers, especially when the economy is on the rise and people are willing to spend more of their hard-earned money. Telecommunication companies, in particular, have seen an increase in the demand for retail sellers in storefront locations.

Engineering and Architecture

Once again, a result of a growing economy means that there is an increase in development and infrastructure. As more money is available to spend on major building projects, the demand for engineers who can manage these types of projects has risen as well.


Whether it happens to be a position as a corporate accountant, or one better suited to handle individual and small business finances, the demand for accountant specialists is on the rise. After the housing market crash in 2007-2008, plenty of people were forced to move on from their jobs to start businesses of their own. More than a decade later, a number of these businesses have grown to the point where they require additional help in their accounting departments, so there are plenty of positions to be filled in the corporate world. In addition, personal accountants are also in demand, as more of the population is closing in on retirement.


With the growing economy that features a wide selection of expanding businesses, the need for consulting is on the rise as well. Business and management consultants, in particular, are in high demand as a large number of companies are reaching a point where they need outside help determining the next best course of action for their businesses.

Science and Mathematics

With more money available for things like environmental research and sustainable development, the need for personnel to carry out this research has risen as well. People with science and math degrees are in major demand across a number of industries, from academia to corporate research and development, to government projects with eyes toward improving the future for residents in BC and across Canada.


Another impact of the expanding economy and subsequent financial success of numerous businesses is the growing demand for corporate executives. Whether that refers to CEOs, CFOs or general management positions depends on the particular position, but those with management or business degrees can likely find some excellent employment opportunities when they enlist the help of an employment agency like Best Personnel.

For additional information about each of these growing industries, or to get started on your job search with help from our Vancouver based recruitment agency, be sure to contact Best Personnel today!